Ever wondered how to measure yourself for made to measure clothing?

Here are a few handy tips for how to take your own measurements for made to measure clothing.... 

It doesn't have to be the scary thing that a lot of people think it is. Hopefully this little video will allay some of those fears of getting it wrong. Basically, as long the tape measure isn't so tight that there are bulges (!), or so loose that it sags, then that's a great start. It's important to remember that we add ease where it's needed, for breathing, sitting, eating and the like, so all you need to worry about is giving us your body measurements. 

When it comes to the bust, it's the widest part that you need to measure. To find the natural waist, slide your hand down from the bottom of your ribs to the point that your hand hits the pelvis bone. Where your hand lands is where you measure. The mid hip measurement is taken 4" down from the natural waist - this measurement is for the tummy area. Then the hip measurement is taken 8" down from the waist. This is the widest part of your hips and bottom. Again, we'll add ease here, so keep the tape measure taut. 

Then finally, to take a length measurement, make it easy for yourself by sending the beginning of the tape measure down your back so that your finger will be at the nape of your neck and lands on the number that you want. Same goes for skirts, but I'd measure that at the centre front if I were you. 

Hope that helps!

Any problems, do give me a call and I'll do what I can to help.

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