Her Majesty's enduring style legacy....

Well, what can you say about our wonderful Queen and her nine decades of (almost) impeccable style? I will begin by mentioning her dedication to British designers, and her commitment to her own regal style. 

I decided particularly to write a little something about Her Majesty when I was researching embroidery and embellished fabrics. It reminded me of an exhibition I saw a few years ago, at the Tullie House museum in Carlisle, on the theme of British Couture. There was a collection of embroidered panels and designs for royal dresses that really caught my eye. The intricacy of the embroidery and the minute details were just breathtaking up close. These panels and dresses were designed especially for the queen and Princess Margaret, and not only were the dresses embroidered and embellished, but these huge sample pieces were produced beforehand as a sample of what was to come. 

Norman Hartnell dress for Queen Elizabeth II

The freshness and relative modernity of this pattern can't help but catch your eye. 

Norman Hartnell embroidery detail

When you look a closely at the embroidery, the detail really is spectacular, and so time consuming! 

Norman Hartnell dress for Queen Elizabeth IINorman Hartnell dress for Queen Elizabeth II

Just look at the mesmerizing detail on this incredible dress!

Time I think to spare a thought for the wonderful ladies who worked on these pieces. The embroidery room at the house of Hartnell was the largest in London during the 1920s and 30s. That's a lot of hands beavering away to create these spectacular works of art.

Hartnell embroidery room

Hartnell embroidery room

Which brings me back to the current wardrobe of the Queen, and the many ladies it takes to keep things working as they should. A recent book about the Queen's wardrobe revealed some lovely photographs of the team who look after the royal wardrobe, and of the wardrobe itself.....

The Queen's wardrobe team

The Queen's wardrobe

Wardrobe envy anyone?? A hat and a brolly for every occasion! 

I was sad to miss the exhibition at Buckingham Palace last year that displayed a collection of the Queen's outfits through the ages... Photographs are wonderful, but there's no supplement for seeing these works of art in the flesh.

Embroidery detail from the Queen's dress


Queen Elizabeth II

What a reign! What an incredible wardrobe, and what a stunning legacy! 

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